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AquaDart Nano Video Gallery

Dive into Adventure with the new AquaDart Nano

Take your underwater explorations to a whole new level with the revolutionary AquaDart Nano. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance, the AquaDart Nano propels you through the depths with precision and ease, ensuring an unforgettable underwater experience like never before.

The Ultimate Power Test

The Ultimate Power Test was created to show the pure power of the iAQUA propulsion system. It's pretty amazing to watch. We were all staggered at the sheer strength of the AquaDarts.

iAQUA Rescue

Our fun take on a beach rescue, with a serious message at how valuable an AquaDart Rescue sea scooter can play a vital role, and is a 'must have' in every beach rescue teams equipment.

Finding Nano

Finding Nano is a tongue-in-cheek video showing the amount of fun you can have with of fellow fish friends!

The Perfect Picnic

This is our take on the perfect picnic. In fact, it's hard to believe you could have such an experience but it's all possible with a waterproof bag, your closest, and with an your iAQUAs.

If you could dream the perfect day...

How would you dream the perfect day? This is our take and shows what fun is possible with friends, flying, playing, gliding, weightlessly over and under the water.