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AquaDart Pro Video Gallery

The Ultimate Power Test

The Ultimate Power Test was created to show the pure power of the iAQUA propulsion system. It's pretty amazing to watch. We were all staggered at the sheer strength of the AquaDarts.

Life is Wonderful

Life is indeed wonderful and fun with an AquaDart. The video can’t help but bring a smile to your face, and this video shows the fun, laughter and excitement you’ll have with your own AquaDart.


A beautiful and moving video, taking all scuba divers into a world they love. With its silent, 100% pollution-free propulsion, multi-speed settings, depth limit settings, and underwater lights the AquaDart takes your scuba diving to a completely new level.

I Feel Fire

This video shows how much fun you can have with an iAqua. They are perfect to go exploring and free-diving together. You can put a packed lunch in a waterproof bag and go exploring to remote places together. What an adventure.

Set Me Free

This was a tongue-in-cheek video of rescuing a mermaid. It shows the power and torque of the AquaDart, and how it can effortlessly pull two or three people without any noticeable loss in thrust.

Dusk Till Dawn

This video shows how the AquaDart takes scuba diving to a whole new level, allowing you to effortlessly go much further on your dives on one tank of air. Pass non-interesting areas quickly, and choose to go where you want, with or against the current. Follow the manta’s and marine life and not the current.

The powerful underwater lights are unique to iAqua, and are designed to work up to 45 meters deep. They illuminate your way, allow your fellow divers to see you, and bring back the true colours of the fish and coral when you dive deeper than 15 meters. They also give night divers a whole new dimension, and for safety they provide long range visibility to passing boats when you surface.

Underwater Love

A beautiful video showing how two people can make a connection in the marine world together using just an AquaDart. Their senses are brought alive as they explore and enjoy the sub-aquatic world.


You feel as if you are flying underwater. We wanted to show just how effortless it is to do underwater acrobatics with an iAqua. The drivers had less than one hours use before we started filming to give you an idea of just how easy it is to learn.

Camping iAqua Style

What fun this was, every time our backs were turned the fish took up residence in the tent. This video was designed to show the agility and power of the iAqua pulling two people with ease.

Maria Zosa

6 x Free-diving Record Holder
Molchanovs Free-diving Instructor Trainer
Maria, who is a World-renowned free-diver and instructor, took the 2022/23 model iAquas for an extensive test and product review.

Victoria Fawcus-Robinson

2000+ Logged dives
Dive Instructor - Scubanicks, Phuket
Scubanicks owner and instructor Victoria, takes the 2022/23 model iAquas for an extensive test of free-diving, acrobatics and scuba diving.

Frank Couture

Divemaster / UW Photographer
& Free-Diver
Renowned underwater photographer and divemaster Frank Couture discusses the iAquas as a photographic platform, and for scuba and free-diving. Frank used the full range of AquaDart 2022/23 models.