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Why trade-in your old or broken sea scooter, e-surfboard or e-foil?

Save on huge repair bills. If the repair bill for your broken water toy is thousands, then why not just trade it in against a new iAQUA?

Get the latest technology with the world's fastest and most modern water toys

2-year Worldwide warranty with all iAQUA models

It’s easy to maintain and repair locally with iAQUA’s modern engineering. Any new parts are low cost and can be swapped by any crew member in just a few minutes

...and enjoy savings of up to 50% on a new 2024 model

iAQUA Trade-in

The smart way to upgrade your water toys...
Trade-in Terms & Conditions
Welcome to the iAQUA Watercraft Limited Trade-In Program. By participating in our trade-in program, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.